Death Of The Family

“Do You Feel
Something Is
Wrong With Our
Then You Need To
Read This Book…”

The devil’s finest trick was to persuade you that he doesn’t exist.

Charles Baudelaire


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What People Are Saying:

In this dynamic book, Christopher reveals the incremental steps in the progressive attack to break down the family unit. This is a must-read book for people who are wondering what’s gone wrong with our society and I highly-recommend it.”

James Lysaght

Founder and Chief-Executive of the growing grass-roots Conservative movement Red Nation Rising

Death of the Family is well written and makes complicated, Marxist, Fascist and Capitalist theories understandable by almost anyone. The book is a good analysis of how the family has broken down in America and what can be done to maybe bring back things as they were before the sexual revolution. All in all a good read.

Frank DeMartini

Producer and founder, Hollywood

Written in an easy to read and understand style, the book goes into meticulous detail on the roots of a far reaching plan to undermine one of the underpinnings of Western civilization, the family. I took a quick glance intending to read it over the next few days but I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book for any student of political history or anyone struggling to understand how Western civilization arrived at this sorry state of social decay.”

Andrew Marshall


I personally love the book…It is a breeze to read and grasp and was obviously well researched and professionally written. All Americans should read this book and take it to heart, it has a cherished spot in my collection and I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


This is a good quality work that reads well and is very informative. It’s narrative on the degradation of marriage is sure to hit home for many who feel that their instincts are better suited for an entirely different time, and it magnificently drives home the point that the family truly is the bedrock of civilization. Death of the Family does exactly what it set out to do and is worth a perusal.”

Donovan Greene

Interesting, very enlightening and a great help to bolster my confidence as my divorce has finalized. There is a lot of this book I can relate to, and the understanding it has given me about myself and my way of thinking is immense. I am grateful to have read it.”

Robert BrasherFlorida, United States

In his extraordinary book, Christopher J. Green identifies the root of many of the problems facing our society today. He traces the ideas and events that have gradually undermined the traditional values that were so highly regarded and fiercely upheld by our forefathers; ideas and events that have also weakened the very bedrock of our society. As you move from one chapter to the next, a shocking tale unfolds, one you can scarce believe. If you’ve ever wondered what’s wrong with our society and why we’re facing so many deep seated problems, this book will provide valuable insight. Things are not as they seem.”

K. JohnsonDorset, United Kingdom

What You’ll Discover In Death of the Family…

  • In 1935, a genius fled Nazi tyranny for the USA and went on to serve in the OSS. Despite accepting the sanctuary of the USA, he became the most dangerous and influential anti-American, anti-West subvert ever. Discover how his pernicious theories continue to break down society to this day.
  • The “Big Lie” about the sexual revolution and the swinging sixties. See how a world-renowned expert’s “scientific research” fooled America and perverted the entire Western world.
  • Discover how a devastating social experiment conducted by the USSR during the 1920s is being implemented in Western nations today with the same catastrophic effects.
  • The critical major difference between pre-WWII America and post-WWII America and why this dramatic change is tearing families apart and causing malignant social decay
  • Is this the end of Western civilization as we know it? How this attack on the family is now evolving and moving to the next toxic stage.

About The Author

Christopher J. Green is an author and investigative journalist who has never been afraid to tell the story as it is. In his latest book: Death of the Family, he exposes how Americans were tricked by charlatans who claimed they were building a more enlightened, progressive society but whose concealed aim was to breakdown America from within.

After three years of research, he uncovers a series of appalling deceptions conducted by people whose duty was to serve and protect. People who ruthlessly undermined the trust of American citizens and stabbed them in the back.

He brings a fresh insight into post-war history in a step-by-step, compelling analysis revealing why America is drifting further away from the principles laid down by the founding fathers.

A story of deception. A story of betrayal. A story of treachery on a scale unprecedented in history. If you believe something is wrong with America and you’re looking for answers then you need to read this extraordinary book.

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